Songs For the Short Of Attention

The bulk of my time is spent working under very rigid guidelines:  Absolute timings, and lots of pre-ordained textures and palettes.  And I kinda thrive on it;  Not the sometimes-stifling side of it, but the notion that "it's gotta fit THIS way, so figure out a way to make it work with what you've got".

As for songwriting, I consider that a part-time pursuit since, these days at least, I primarily concentrate on instrumental writing.  So it’s hard to imagine an audience for whom I’d carefully craft a set of songs to then record and release under one banner.  Maybe sometime in the future.  I don’t know.  But I DO love to write songs, and I'm thrilled when my work in TV gives me the opportunity to do that.

So for this project, I put two and two together;  And by imposing two simple rules that I think will give me just the motivation I need to write, I'm embarking on a series of songs that I hope at least someone will get a kick out of. 

The rules are:

-Must have lyrics


-Must end within 1 minute of beginning.

Why one minute?  Because that’s plenty-long enough...And because I can always go shorter.  And plus, I know my attention span is only about that long for unknown music I find online.

It sounds simple, but it's not.  whereas a longer song has time to get the listener in a mood or to establish a vocabulary before going places with it or taking left turns, this limitation precludes that, or at least, truncates it considerably.  You can’t get by just on a cool lick (unless it’s a lyrical lick).  The real challenge now is to come up with varied rhythmic and lyrical structures that will work in that framework to keep each one fresh and novel.  I like novel if I can swing it.  Hard to do, though, I admit.

I can't say what kind of things are going to land here.  But the point is that the song should stand on its own, however it might get dressed-up eventually.

Blah, Blah, Blah…Whatever, man…Let's hear the songs! (click me)

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