Songs For the Short Of Attention-Listen


No doubt, this stuff has capped-off many nights of drinking in my fair city.  And yes…I'm the world's shittiest drummer.

Courtesy #8

Funny, but I think this is kinda another ode to LA.  Sadly, though, I think you all know where I'm coming from just the same : /

Friends And Strangers

This one's about forgiveness.  And Complacency.  It's also just a dumb little song, so get over it, already!  Damn!

Here, Now

Damn, I hope this one didn't come out too precious.


Inspired by a collaboration of the same name at  This guy…He just doesn't get it…Pretty awkward.


I'm not that bitter, really.  but can you blame a guy for getting a little batshit around that time of year?

我的 小 

makes excuses my cheap ordinary Mandarin skill. And un wise the music.

  知道: 我的 普通话 不 标准。对不起。 我是学生。 我 期望 不 触犯 因为 笔墨 还是 音乐。  我 爱 中国 和 中国人。

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