Me And My Juno


My first keyboard, a Roland Juno 60, serial number 344143, has been with me since I was 13 years old.  I Played lots of dumb gigs with it, and some spectacular throwdown ones, too.  It’s been all over radio and tv now also, making me a proud Papa.  Maybe you’ve heard it already, yourself : )  It’s got just-enough buttons, switches, and faders to play with so as to be easy to muck around with using one hand to play, and the other to tweak.  Yet, its simplicity belies its infinite textural potential.  Throw in the arpeggiator, and you’ve got hours of navel-gazing good times.

So here, I present a series of performances, using ol’ trusty, and nothing but.  Good improvisatory fun.  My goal is to make each one have some kind of arc, some logic, as opposed to just ‘noodling’.  ‘Cause that would be lame.  I make no claims as to brilliance, or even ‘musicality’ as some might define it. but I’ll only post the stuff that I think has more cool to it than uncool.  Since its all improvised, in one go, with no further treatment, there might be a ‘dead spot’ or two in each one, but rest-assured, I feel it too, and I’m on it.  I’ll also limit the length of each one to something reasonable...i.e. no more than 4 minutes apiece.  I incorporate video because it gives you some perspective as to what is being twiddled, and to what degree.

If you’re listening on laptop speakers, you’ll miss most of the low-frequency content...Which will probably be a huge component of each piece.  So it’s Best if you’re listening with headphones or desktop speakers (or better, of course).  The audio is higher-resolution than the video (AAC, 16 Bit, 48 Khz).

And Lastly:  if you’re a synth player/programmer yourself:  I know...You don’t give a shit about all this.  You’ve got plenty of your own experience with it (and are probably thinking “my stuff is cooler than that guy’s”)...So this might not be of interest to you...Unless you’re thinking of buying a Juno 60, and want to hear what it can do, I suppose.

In which case, Number 344143 isn’t for sale.  Sorry.

Juno #1

Juno #2

Juno #3

Juno #4

Juno #5

Juno #6

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