Selections from Robot and Monster Season 1


Lil Lugnuts Forgiveness Song-FIX 360

Robot and Monster, along with washed-up former child star 'Lil Lugnuts', try to charm their way out of a mess he's made by singing his old theme song about Forgiveness.

Happiest Guy In The World Song-FIX 360

Monster's working really hard to convince himself he's the 'Happiest Guy In The World', despite everything crashing down around him.


Robot Punch Morely-FIX 360

Robot meets Punch Morely, the greatest Pole-o player of all time.  He's taken a few knocks to the head in his time out on the field.

Monster Cheers Robot On-FIX 360

Monster really believes in Robot, no matter what.  He loves to cheer him on…Even if Robot would rather do his inventing in peace : /

Lil Lugnuts Chase Scene-FIX 360

Washed-up former Child star 'Lil Lugnuts' gets Robot and Monster to work as his unwitting accomplices. Well, Robot knows what's up; He just hates to break it to Monster that his childhood hero is now a crook.

Mr Wheelie Is Moved-FIX 360

Mr. Wheelie is Robot and Monsters' landlord.  He's an angry old coot.  But maybe, just maybe, the guys can soften him up so he won't raise the rent on them?

Grandma Howling Cybermonkey-FIX 360

Uh, oh…Ogo let Robot's grandma get snatched up by a howling cybermonkey : (  Now, the guys have to rescue her.

Globitha Enters-FIX 360

Globitha is Monster's kid sister.  She's just a tad exciteable.  And she Looooooves Robot!

Monsters Requests-FIX 360

The cops have banned Monster from walking.  Now, Robot has to cater to him…Even in their own apartment.

Cousin Gizmo Enters-FIX  360

Crazy Cousin Gizmo drops in for an unexpected visit.

Nobody Panic-FIX 360

Robot and Monster want to prove to Nessie they can run the Makin' Bacon, their favorite restaurant, while she takes the day off.  Things aren't going too well..

Robot Explains Pranks-FIX 360

Robot explains to Monster what it means to pull a prank on someone by dredging up an old story from when they were kids.

Robot Tries To Stay Awake 360

Robot really wants to go to sleep, but everyone says he has to stay awake since, according to his 'letterology' profile, if he does, he'll wake up to disaster.


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